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A picture says….. well…… I love you.

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It was a few years ago now, but someone once said to me (being my ever-snap-happy self) “You know, you’ve taken more photos of me than my Mum ever did!” I must’ve looked shocked as the person’s self-esteem wallowed blatantly at my feet. The briefly revealing comment was politely laughed off and the subject was changed but I said to myself at that very point that my children would never feel that way.

Photos can be some of the most powerful items in a person’s life. Of course, what possession does everyone save first when disaster strikes? And what are we all afraid of most when our computer crashes? What is it about these bundles of pixels or prints of photographic ink that has us so committed to their protection?


I imagine our brains, although ridiculously more complex, are like squishy computers. They archive a LOAD of stuff. And just like I often have no idea how to locate archives on my computer, I think the same could be said for my memories. Many of you I expect, are in the same boat – too busy swimming through all the squishiness of your brain to lay your thoughts in one place. Until you look at your photos. Those moments captured; mini time-machines that take you back to that very point. That point when you were so happy, so amazed, so terrified, so proud. Photos enhance your squishy-swimming-power.

So what does that say about my poor friend above? Had Mum taken more photos would their childhood memories be different? Would the love of a parent still be doubted when up against the squishiness? Well I’m sorry science nerds, but I’m not intending to conduct this social experiment on my own kids. Especially when I think I already know the answer. Bring on the flash of a camera at every birthday! Bring on the cheesy grins and the eyes wide with surprise! Bring on the pixels and the funny smell of photo ink!

And bring it on we did. Today turned into Photo Day at our place. Will was happy to oblige the surprisingly upbeat lady at Portrait Place with plenty of smiles and we were happy to oblige Camera House with our hard-earned in return for a plastic bag filled with memories. Already brimming with pictures, in two weeks our new family portraits will grace our walls. In the meantime, our own photography skills will feature. Ever the slacker when it comes to getting stuff framed, I lashed out today and bought some frames too. Here’s my effort:


Photo of photos - embracing the memories

So my dear William, may you never question our love for you or your personality. And may all my readers take so many pictures that their families are never bogged down in squishiness.

Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

One thought on “A picture says….. well…… I love you.

  1. I Strongly agree Michelle, Photos do enhance squishy-swimming-power. 😀

    Great writing 🙂 xox

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