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A dangerous addiction has begun: My dive into the world of digi-scrap!

So as some of you know, I’m taking photos in the essence of Project Life. I am absolutely besotted with this concept. However, it seems New Zealand is not a fan of me actually purchasing a kit and I’m begining to think that if I don’t start something now, it will all be too much for me to handle when I actually get my hands on a kit. I could do the digital version I guess – but I’m a fan of flexibilityand from what I’ve been told, the digital version can be a stick-in-the-mud at times. SO! I thought maybe I would start scrapbooking. But where would I start!? And where would all the bits and bobs come from!? And how could I be bothered going to random craft stores (which I would no doubt spend too many hours and too many dollars in) with a Commando baby in tow (Spotlight may not look so favourably at me making a nest in their cushion display and popping out my boobs for Will’s quick feed)!?

As I drooled over all the pretty pages on the internet, I came across the term ‘digi-scrap’. I was thinking to myself there must be some full-on, passionate lady-geniuses that have built robots to aid in their dedicated scrapbooking hobby. How delighted was I to find out that this was not the case; it involved much of the fun of scrapbooking only doing it on a computer! Woohoo! I love computers! Now to get my hands on some digi-scrapping software…. OMG! I already have it! And here was I thinking Photoshop was just to edit out all your pimples and whiten your teeth! I made a note to have a play with it when bugalugs was in bed asleep.

Then, at our mother’s group yesterday (Hi Ladies xx), one of my favourite crafty mumma’s (who joins in my worshipping of those godesses that are American-scrapbook-lady-stars!) piled a handful of scrapbooking idea books on her bench for me to check out; and as if I wasn’t already having difficulty keeping my drool under control, it was now pouring out so fast I had to put on one of Will’s bibs! I had to start something.

So last night, with my hubby away on a work trip and the boy fast asleep, I trawled the internet and found that I wouldn’t even have to buy stuff to get going. There’s heaps of free gear, you just need to look (my fav site was Shabby Princess – ♥ it!). So, busy downloading I was and then busy creating I was too. And where did I start? My wedding! We had our two-year anniversary the other day and I still haven’t got a single image printed. Bah!

By 11pm, with eyes hanging out of my head, I had my first ever scrapped page. Now I’m sure I will get around to some traditional scrapping eventually, but in the meantime, this page made me all so excited. And I knew exactly who I wanted to share it with. You. TA-DA! xx

My first ever digi-scrap page!

My first ever digi-scrap page!


Make Your Own Shopping List Today!

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Taking the sting out of Grocery Shopping: Make a magnetic take-along shopping list

Hello everyone! It’s looking like a fantastic day yet again and I’m filled with motivation to do things – Woo hoooo! Thanks to The Organised Housewife and her Daily Task lists I’m never short of things to do…

So, onto today’s post! Yesterday I detailed my family’s Aldi adventure in the hope of saving more money and to help keep within our weekly budget, but one of the big contributing factors I’ve found to help me save money, no matter where I’m shopping, is to write a shopping list! My standard shopping list is a piece of A4 paper grabbed from the printer and folded in half (to A5 size). I’d then write up a few columns and list out all the ingredients required from our weekly meal plan. I would then go tromping around the house with my list and pen checking all the rooms/cupboards for other things we needed.

Now to tromp around the house writing on a piece of paper is difficult and although it’s exciting trying to decipher my scribbles when we get to the supermarket, I imagine my deciphering time could be better spent elsewhere (like buying a coffee with the money I saved when grocery shopping at Aldi). I also loathe trying to cross out groceries whilst we’re shopping; trolley handles do not make good tables and my hubby doesn’t like it when I use him to lean on either. Enter my new, fabulous shopping list!

To make one for yourself, you’ll need an A5 clipboard (I got mine at Officeworks $1.99), some self adhesive magnets or magnet strip, guillotine and/or scissors, pen, and some print-offs of our fabulous printable – the Raising Will Shopping List

Click to view Printable

Click to view the 'Raising Will Shopping List' Printable


Things you'll need

Things you'll need: A5 Clipboard, magnet strip, pen, printable copies and a guillotine (not pictured)

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Taking the sting out of Grocery Shopping: My adventures at Aldi…

Now that my maternity leave pay has finished up and we are living off one income, being able to budget has become very important. With a large part of our weekly budget being spent on groceries, it’s important to make this process as cheap and as efficient as possible; and today’s post will talk about how our family has tried to achieve this.

I have spoken before about my love of online grocery shopping and how it can save time and money, but this week we thought we’d take another saving step and try shopping at Aldi. I’m sure we all know someone who swears by Aldi, their range and prices. I, however, have been sceptical about the quality of the stock and probably unwilling to try new versions of products i.e. why fix something that’s not broke! So, because my husband was the one driving the car last night to the supermarket (I probably would’ve driven straight to Woolworths, ignoring any Aldi suggestions), he drove to Aldi so we attempted our weekly shop there.

First up, I was frustrated. I had no idea where anything was (I’m like a staff member at Woolworths… I know where EVERYTHING is!) and we did end up running all over the place collecting items we’d walked past. Secondly, I was annoyed. Turns out Aldi had sold out of heaps of their fresh produce so we had to improvise a couple of times. Thirdly, I was more annoyed when I realised I would have to go to the normal supermarket again anyway to buy the things I couldn’t get at Aldi. But lastly, as we made our way to the checkout (and I have nothing against packing my own bags by the way… at least I know they’re packed correctly) and I found bunches of flowers for $4.99 (!!!!!!!) I was happy. Flowers make everything ok.

Tulips are great!

Love love love Tulips!


Mealy Monday #5 (with some love)

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for over 5 weeks! They always say time flys when you’re having fun…

So today is a very special day for me. It’s my 2 year Wedding Anniversary. This time last year we went out to a flash restaurant and it was divine. This year there won’t be any flash dinner out on the town, instead it will be spent at home with a couple of delicious steaks and perhaps a glass of wine. All because this year has been the most exciting yet. We added to our little family, growing from two to three, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! So quickly – thank you to my gorgeous hubby for another fantastic year of marriage and for helping me create our own little human being, and while we sit and eat our steak for dinner tonight know that I look forward to many more years of fantastic-ness to come.

Our Wedding day

Our Wedding Day - 28th March 2009

Now, back down to business – MENUS! Last week saw some yummy fried rice and a new recipe – Mushroom & Thyme Pasta which can be found on our Recipes Page. I’d also like to thank my new friend Jody for her delicious Satay inspired cabbage salad – it was yummo.

So as we head forth into the new week, here’s my plan for the next seven days:

M: Wedding Anniversary Steak, Chips and Salad
T: Beef & Mushroom Pie **new recipe**
W: Slow-Cooker Apricot Chicken
T: Minestrone with Crusty Bread
F: Stop… Freezer Time! (breaks down MC Hammer Style)
S: BBQ Leftovers (having friends over for BBQ lunch)
S: Oven Baked Fish with Vegetables.

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to visit some of my favourite meal-planning sites – their links are below!

Mushroom & Thyme Creamy Pasta

The delicious Mushroom & Thyme Creamy Pasta

 This Week for Dinner

The Organised Housewife

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Foto Friday #4

Friday has come once again. I swear they arrive quicker now I post these piccies on a Friday. It kind of marks the day for me, so where they all used to run into each other, they no longer do. Each day is defined – I guess it’s getting me in training for returning to work. Bah! Work-schmurk! Let’s get into the piccies….

Will likes flat silicone!

Will has the whole toy to play with, yet feasts on the silicone base - lol.


Commando Crawler
Will is slowly learning to crawl… Commando Style!


Will's new favourite food... REMOTES!

Will's new favourite food... REMOTES!


And unfortunately that’s all for this week. Can’t be a photographic wizard every week I guess.

I’m looking forward to spending a great weekend with my Mum (Will’s Gran), and I hope everyone else has a fantablous weekend too! See you all on Mealy Monday!

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A Bumbo, A Bumbo, We All Fall Down!

Once again, my lack of extremely close supervision has resulted in another bump to my little man’s head. Everyone says to me that you get used to your child injuring themselves; I guess I’m not at that stage yet. It still terrifies me.

This morning, Will woke up a happier than I’ve seen him for days. I think maybe his toothiepegs were giving him trouble all week, but today was a new day. And apparently it was the perfect day for Will to practice his Gene Simmons impersonation.

Will does Gene Simmons

Will with his best Gene Simmons impersonation...

All was travelling well with the day, when mini-Gene-Simmons decided he would practice his stage diving antics. Or Bumbo diving antics rather.

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Dad-sters are doin it for themselves!

Too often I hear women lamenting about the father of their children…
“He doesn’t understand what it means to look after a baby!”
“What doesn’t he get when I ask him not to be home late?!”
“Why won’t he show affection towards our child?”
“Change a nappy? Pffff!”
“You won’t believe it – I got home from yoga at 9pm and our son was still awake EATING TWO MINUTE NOODLES FOR DINNER! THAT’S NOT A DINNER!”
I began to hear it so often that I was worried my husband would turn into a giant, ungrateful ogre the moment I returned to the hospital ward after Will’s speedy arrival. Of course I had nothing to worry about; hubby was a natural at being a Dad, even if he was terrified at first. And there are plenty more Dads out there walking the walk of child-rearing. So what is it about the opposite sex that has some women (often secretly) foaming at the mouth?

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Baby Bump

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When the bubble bursts: Heading back to work after Maternity Leave…

At some stage throughout most pregnancies, maternity leave will enter a mother-to-be’s life. Some women love the break and never return to work. Some women, amongst other reasons, hate feeling isolated from the adult world and return to work as soon as possible. Some families can’t afford for mum not to work. Some families can’t afford the childcare. No matter what your situation is, maternity leave calls for big decisions. And in the last week I’ve been faced with several.

I have been one of those mum’s that has revelled in the maternity leave bubble. That 12 months where I can just ‘be’ with my little man and maintain the house (even if it becomes sporadic maintenance at times), build relationships with other mothers, attend to my baby’s and my own health needs, planning a holiday to Tassie, all without the worry as to how it affects my work. I was floating in my bubble above the ocean of happy families.

Now anyone that knows me and my husband, will know that we are desperate to buy a house. Seven years of renting with a revolving door of noisy neighbours is wearing as thin as the wall adjoining our unit to theirs. Chatting with our bank when I first began maternity leave we came to the conclusion that a home loan would probably not be comfortable for us until I returned to work and we were happy with that plan.  We’d wait a few months after I went back to work and start looking for a house around Dec 2011, whilst save save saving in the meantime.

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Mealy Monday #4

Well – what a bungled up week! Nothing like a baby with moving teeth to muck-up your meal planning… I don’t think we had anything on the day I had planned too last week and our new recipe for the week turned into muffin pizzas! In meal planning terms I believe the saying is “What A Mess!” No baking got done, no baby food got made (thank god for Heinz) and no teeth even came through! Bah!

So to cheer myself up, I’m re-living one of my all time favourite recipes! Berry Meringue with Vanilla Cream. Check it out on our Recipe Page! Although I won’t be cooking it this week, I’m sure you will all drool over it’s deliciousness! Maybe put it in your sky-rocket for a special occasion. We often bring it out at Christmas time.  


Berry Meringue with Vanilla Cream

Berry Meringue with Vanilla Cream

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Foto Friday! #3

We’re at the end of yet another week – gosh they are flying by! Friday sees me reflect on the week with photos as per the Project Life concept by Becky Higgins.

Speaking of life, I’ve made a decision that a blog entry every day is cutting into time with my family more than I’d like. So I’ve declared the weekend a blog-free zone. My next post will be Monday (Mealy Monday to be exact!).

Anyway – back to the piccies, this week is pretty Will heavy, but that’s ok. I know you all like catching up with his hijinks… Enjoy!

Cereal Headbutter

Will decided that head-butting was more fun than eating.

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