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A Bumbo, A Bumbo, We All Fall Down!

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Once again, my lack of extremely close supervision has resulted in another bump to my little man’s head. Everyone says to me that you get used to your child injuring themselves; I guess I’m not at that stage yet. It still terrifies me.

This morning, Will woke up a happier than I’ve seen him for days. I think maybe his toothiepegs were giving him trouble all week, but today was a new day. And apparently it was the perfect day for Will to practice his Gene Simmons impersonation.

Will does Gene Simmons

Will with his best Gene Simmons impersonation...

All was travelling well with the day, when mini-Gene-Simmons decided he would practice his stage diving antics. Or Bumbo diving antics rather.

Will is often a fan of his bumbo chair but some days is not and today was one of those days. After feeding time he was getting a little grizzly and I went the three steps to the kitchen counter to grab some paper towel when I heard an almighty scream! Will had launched himself out of his Bumbo chair onto the tiles. Only a very small fall really because the chair is at ground level, but I felt absolutely terrible. These kids – you’ve gotta watch them!

It once again reminds me that you need to be ever vigilant with children. How many of you, since my last post on the subject, have brushed up on your emergency skills? No? Well here’s a video all parents should watch…

Visit Raising Children Network Website

Visit the Raising Children Network Website for a demo on Baby CPR


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