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Taking the sting out of Grocery Shopping: My adventures at Aldi…


Now that my maternity leave pay has finished up and we are living off one income, being able to budget has become very important. With a large part of our weekly budget being spent on groceries, it’s important to make this process as cheap and as efficient as possible; and today’s post will talk about how our family has tried to achieve this.

I have spoken before about my love of online grocery shopping and how it can save time and money, but this week we thought we’d take another saving step and try shopping at Aldi. I’m sure we all know someone who swears by Aldi, their range and prices. I, however, have been sceptical about the quality of the stock and probably unwilling to try new versions of products i.e. why fix something that’s not broke! So, because my husband was the one driving the car last night to the supermarket (I probably would’ve driven straight to Woolworths, ignoring any Aldi suggestions), he drove to Aldi so we attempted our weekly shop there.

First up, I was frustrated. I had no idea where anything was (I’m like a staff member at Woolworths… I know where EVERYTHING is!) and we did end up running all over the place collecting items we’d walked past. Secondly, I was annoyed. Turns out Aldi had sold out of heaps of their fresh produce so we had to improvise a couple of times. Thirdly, I was more annoyed when I realised I would have to go to the normal supermarket again anyway to buy the things I couldn’t get at Aldi. But lastly, as we made our way to the checkout (and I have nothing against packing my own bags by the way… at least I know they’re packed correctly) and I found bunches of flowers for $4.99 (!!!!!!!) I was happy. Flowers make everything ok.

Tulips are great!

Love love love Tulips!

    So returning home with my gorgeous orange tulips, we unpacked the groceries and made a start on dinner. For those of you who read yesterday’s post, you’ll know we were having Wedding Anniversary Steak, Chips and Salad. Sadly, our steaks were pretty tough. Fail Aldi. We very rarely have this problem at the other supermarket; their meat is, 99% of the time, fantastic. But we pushed on and enjoyed our meals, even if our jaws got a work-out. Maybe the wine helped.

Sitting down at the computer later, I did a direct price comparison of our shop at Aldi with Coles Online. We saved $23.00. The numbers don’t lie! I then substituted all the brand name products on my online list to Coles generic products and we still would’ve ended up saving $18.00 shopping at Aldi. It’s like being given free money!

Now I cannot attest to the quality of the Aldi products at this stage (although the steak was pretty average) but surely I can deal with it if we save $23 a week!? So maybe I’ll shop at Aldi again next week, but at a different time of day so there is still a range of produce left. And I’ll take my new ‘Shopping List’ with me. Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how to create your own….


Make a Shopping List with Raising Will!

Come back tomorrow to make a Shopping List with Raising Will!



Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

10 thoughts on “Taking the sting out of Grocery Shopping: My adventures at Aldi…

  1. Hey Mich – Aldi is so much cheaper but it’s a pain having to go to the supermarket as well…
    For your meat tho – try the Flora Hill Butcher! Delicious! And I don’t think he is all that much dearer than buying meat at the supermarket. Although, you then have to do what I do… Aldi, Woolworths, Fruit Shack and Butcher… worth the savings tho!
    Loving your blog!

  2. Love the blog post ~ I used to shop at Aldi and I was a huge Aldi lover until I moved into a different area and I live further away. I did once go to all the trouble of shopping at Aldi (25 min drive) and found that I was paying the same amount for Aldi products as I was in Woolies without the hassle of having to do 2 supermarkets. I do love Aldi savings – but my sanity was getting a work out having to do two supermarkets with two children under 2 and I figure that is worth the extra $ in savings just shopping at Woolies or Coles. In the end I think it is all about finding what works for you.

    • Thanks for the comment Kylie. So very true – what works for you is always the best option 🙂 I imagine when Will grows to be a rambunctious toddler, trips to the shops will become all the more crazy – lol

      • LoL…I know what you mean Michelle. It was easy when I had one baby (she is now 6 and in school) but now there are 5 kids involved 7 and my two babies are with me constantly it is too crazy to do two shops. But I do recommend Aldi’s to people with patience and time ~ If I still had it I would be there every week! 😉

  3. ive been shopping at aldi for years, and continue to shop at woolies too, and coles on lesser ocassions. like anything, you’ll get to know what is okay, and what is not. i dont like the meat from aldi either, but there are other fabulous things that are honestly just as great as what you can purchase from woolies, like womens sanitary pads, insect spray, or even tomato sauce. and i know for example, that if i decide to treat the kids one week with a less healthy cereal like coco pops, coles’ generic brand is the best!

    anyway, i thought you might find aldi’s new online shopping list ‘thing’ a great tool. it was just luanched a few weeks ago, and may make things a little easier for you.


    • Hi Wendy, I’m looking forward to finding some great bargains at Aldi. Hubby had a play around with their online grocery list over the weekend after they advertised it in their catalogue, will have to take a look. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. I find when money is tight around here, ie. on school holidays etc (im a relief teacher) I head to Aldi prior to doing my weekly shop at Woolworths and am always pleasantly surprised and kick myself for not going more often. A few weeks ago I got a whopping big jar of Sandhurst Chargrilled Asparagus for only $2.99 compared with the smaller jar I pay in excess of $4 for at Coles/Woolies. I find, you have to shop around no matter what these days and buy the products you like, but when you can save on the staples, and the things that don’t ‘really matter’ you are doing your wallet an injustice if you don’t do so. Better in my pocket than Woolies pocket I say! LOL. Good luck, do try Aldi again – maybe go for a day when they have stock coming in or just after..

    • Agreed Danielle – I would so much rather have some extra cash sitting around in MY wallet! And there are certainly bargains to be found if you take the time to look. My Mother-in-law found Gaia Baby Body Wash at Aldi for $2.99 one day – she bought like 5 bottles lol 😀

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