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Make Your Own Shopping List Today!

Taking the sting out of Grocery Shopping: Make a magnetic take-along shopping list

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Hello everyone! It’s looking like a fantastic day yet again and I’m filled with motivation to do things – Woo hoooo! Thanks to The Organised Housewife and her Daily Task lists I’m never short of things to do…

So, onto today’s post! Yesterday I detailed my family’s Aldi adventure in the hope of saving more money and to help keep within our weekly budget, but one of the big contributing factors I’ve found to help me save money, no matter where I’m shopping, is to write a shopping list! My standard shopping list is a piece of A4 paper grabbed from the printer and folded in half (to A5 size). I’d then write up a few columns and list out all the ingredients required from our weekly meal plan. I would then go tromping around the house with my list and pen checking all the rooms/cupboards for other things we needed.

Now to tromp around the house writing on a piece of paper is difficult and although it’s exciting trying to decipher my scribbles when we get to the supermarket, I imagine my deciphering time could be better spent elsewhere (like buying a coffee with the money I saved when grocery shopping at Aldi). I also loathe trying to cross out groceries whilst we’re shopping; trolley handles do not make good tables and my hubby doesn’t like it when I use him to lean on either. Enter my new, fabulous shopping list!

To make one for yourself, you’ll need an A5 clipboard (I got mine at Officeworks $1.99), some self adhesive magnets or magnet strip, guillotine and/or scissors, pen, and some print-offs of our fabulous printable – the Raising Will Shopping List

Click to view Printable

Click to view the 'Raising Will Shopping List' Printable


Things you'll need

Things you'll need: A5 Clipboard, magnet strip, pen, printable copies and a guillotine (not pictured)

On the back of your clipboard, stick some magnets or magnet strip. Make sure you give it enough magnet power so it will stick to your fridge when you’re done.

Attaching the Magnets

Attaching the Magnets

Next, with your guillotine or scissors you’ll need to trim up the Printables to fit on your A5 clipboard. Due to the printing format of the PDF, you may need to trim a bit off one of the sides, but you can work that out with your own printer.

Trimming down

Cutting down the printables to my preferred size.

Pop the trimmed lists into your clipboard along with your pen and stick your finished product up on your fridge – all ready for your next grocery shop! I also find it really handy to be able to write on when I discover items that are running low (you know those items – the ones you always forget when you go shopping!).

Ta Da! The finished product.

Ta Da! The finished product.

So there you have it! One shopping list! I’ll be tromping around my house with mine on the weekend writing up my list, then I’ll take it down the supermarket with me so I can cross off stuff as I go whilst everyone marvels at how organised I am.


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