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A dangerous addiction has begun: My dive into the world of digi-scrap!


So as some of you know, I’m taking photos in the essence of Project Life. I am absolutely besotted with this concept. However, it seems New Zealand is not a fan of me actually purchasing a kit and I’m begining to think that if I don’t start something now, it will all be too much for me to handle when I actually get my hands on a kit. I could do the digital version I guess – but I’m a fan of flexibilityand from what I’ve been told, the digital version can be a stick-in-the-mud at times. SO! I thought maybe I would start scrapbooking. But where would I start!? And where would all the bits and bobs come from!? And how could I be bothered going to random craft stores (which I would no doubt spend too many hours and too many dollars in) with a Commando baby in tow (Spotlight may not look so favourably at me making a nest in their cushion display and popping out my boobs for Will’s quick feed)!?

As I drooled over all the pretty pages on the internet, I came across the term ‘digi-scrap’. I was thinking to myself there must be some full-on, passionate lady-geniuses that have built robots to aid in their dedicated scrapbooking hobby. How delighted was I to find out that this was not the case; it involved much of the fun of scrapbooking only doing it on a computer! Woohoo! I love computers! Now to get my hands on some digi-scrapping software…. OMG! I already have it! And here was I thinking Photoshop was just to edit out all your pimples and whiten your teeth! I made a note to have a play with it when bugalugs was in bed asleep.

Then, at our mother’s group yesterday (Hi Ladies xx), one of my favourite crafty mumma’s (who joins in my worshipping of those godesses that are American-scrapbook-lady-stars!) piled a handful of scrapbooking idea books on her bench for me to check out; and as if I wasn’t already having difficulty keeping my drool under control, it was now pouring out so fast I had to put on one of Will’s bibs! I had to start something.

So last night, with my hubby away on a work trip and the boy fast asleep, I trawled the internet and found that I wouldn’t even have to buy stuff to get going. There’s heaps of free gear, you just need to look (my fav site was Shabby Princess – ♥ it!). So, busy downloading I was and then busy creating I was too. And where did I start? My wedding! We had our two-year anniversary the other day and I still haven’t got a single image printed. Bah!

By 11pm, with eyes hanging out of my head, I had my first ever scrapped page. Now I’m sure I will get around to some traditional scrapping eventually, but in the meantime, this page made me all so excited. And I knew exactly who I wanted to share it with. You. TA-DA! xx

My first ever digi-scrap page!

My first ever digi-scrap page!



Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

2 thoughts on “A dangerous addiction has begun: My dive into the world of digi-scrap!

  1. Ahhhh Digi scrappin… A friend introduced it to me not all that long ago and i was hooked! At first I didnt think I would like it being a traditional scrapper, but boy was I surprised. The best bit about it is, if the kids invade my scrapping space I dont have to rush to clean up all the bits and pieces. I can just hit Save and be finished… just like that!
    I do miss normal scrappin tho and I have decided to do a combination of both until I catch up on all my projects 🙂
    Have fun with it Mish, it’s only the begining!!!!!

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