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I thought I’d share with you all a glimpse into my pschye today; sharing with you what’s beating about in my head right now. I’ve discovered many old and new things this week and what better way to vent my feelings about them than here for all to see…

LOATHE | Everyone always wants the bad news first. So here we are. I am ‘in loathe’ with my ironing pile at the moment. It is the elephant in my loungeroom. Quite literally. I would put ten bucks on it for the win if it were to encounter an elephant that had a prickle in it’s foot. Don’t judge me. I’m great at everything else (except maybe dishes – although I’m getting better at them), but ironing really ‘grinds my gears’ as Peter Griffin would say.

Now in admitting to my seething dislike for all that is iron-related, I am going to challenge myself to defeat my arch-nemisis this week. I WILL MAKE MY IRONING PILE LESS OF AN ELEPHANT AND MORE OF A ZEBRA. And here’s the before photo for which you will all hold me accountable!

Ironing is the enemy!

Ironing is the enemy!

LIKE | I am a winter pumpkin. I always have been and now that daylight savings time has finished, I am liking the longer, cooler nights. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m a winter baby… No, that can’t be true because my best mate is a winter baby too and she LOVES summer. Hmmmm…. maybe I was just a reindeer in a past life. 

LOVE | There are soooooo mnay things I’m loving at the moment. Here’s just a handful….. Firstly, Easter! Any holiday that involves the wonderment of children is so fantastically exciting (not to mention the chocolate either!). I have so many wonderful memories of Easter growing up, and more recently, an easter-egg hunt with my neice; she was so filled with belief that it makes me smile every time I remember it. I can’t wait to fill Willliam’s head with tales of magic bunnies! 

Secondly, (and this is by no means a new love…) Super Organiser Mum! Jade, you and your blog inspire me every day to be a better mum and blogger. So generous are you with your thoughts and ideas, that I feel like a part of your beautiful family and I am grateful for all that you give to your readers. You are very welcome to visit here anytime and I’m sure we could chat about the world for ever and a day. Just call first so I can put the bottle of bubbly in the fridge!

Lastly, on Monday our house lost a very lively member. My Chicken Dance Elmo which I have had for years, and which had recently been adopted by young William, was being vacumned clean when it mysteriously went very quiet. I very delicately peeled back his fluffy chicken exterior to try and determine the sourec of the problem, but to no avail. Chicken Dance Elmo had lost it’s voice and without it we were left with a robotic and somewhat creepy yellow and red cupboard filler. When my husband returned from work, he decided to conduct some ‘reverse engineering’ as he called it. I personally think it was code for ‘make a mess’. Our poor little Elmo friend was then subject to an unsightly dismantleisation (yes, it could be a word). **sad face**

RIP Elmo...

RIP Elmo...

I then vowed I would find William another lively friend to replace what had become an horrific pile of fluff and black plastic. Enter Scout. Scout is from the Leap Frog range and Will took to him right there in the store. Scout, thanks to the wonders of USB and the internet, knows William’s name, his favourite colour (blue of course), his favourite animal (monkeys, naturally) and even his favourite food (pears… mmmm…. peary good!). Scout sings William to bed with soft lullabye music (also customised online) and sings him more lively songs during awake time, including William’s very own song spelling his name. So I’m loving Scout! He truly is one amazing little guy and is very welcome to stay for as long as Will sees fit to keep him.

Welcome to the family Scout!

Welcome to the family Scout!


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Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

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