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How to make a Piñata Cake!


My little brother asked me if I would host his 20th birthday this year. Anyone that knows me will KNOW that I won’t pass up an opportunity to entertain, so I picked up the birthday gauntlet and sprinted with it. One of Stu’s favourite foods was Mexican, so there was only one real choice for his party – A Mexican Fiesta!!!! A-reeeeeebah!

There was the typical Mexican fare – nachos, quesedillas, tacos, enchiladas, salsa, guacamole, and lots-a cheese! For dessert, I planned to replicate something I’d seen on Better Homes & Gardens years ago – A Piñata Cake. This cake consisted of a hard chocolate shell and a cake filled with lollies enclosed inside. I sought out a recipe and set to work two days before the party.

Make a Piñata Cake!

Make a Piñata Cake!

The first step was to make the chocolate shell. Finding a bowl big enough and the right shape was relatively easy (we have a gazillion mixing bowls – odd for someone who doesn’t do an incredible amount of mixing). I then melted a heap of chocolate and poured it into my greased bowl, swirling the bowl around so it coated the inside evenly. I then used a spatula to clean up the edges and then placed the bowl aside to allow it to set. I don’t know if it was my bowl, the weather or me being so unbelievably awesome – but as the chocolate set, it magically came away from the bowl, so I had a funky, not-so-little chocolate hat shell! (although a chocolate hat would’ve been extra cool; maybe I can make a chocolate hat for my Easter Party next week).

The next day (Party eve) I mixed up and made the actual cake component. We then carved a hole in the centre, frosted the cake and filled the (unfrosted) hole with lollies. Placing my chocolate shell over the top, disguising the goodies inside, it was then time to decorate. Using some melted chocolate, I covered the shell in a range of coloured chocolatey goods and stuck some candles to the top. Wha Lah! One Piñata cake all ready for Stuart’s fiesta. The rest of our dining area was decorated that night and I was free to cook all the next day (the day of the party), so I could make sure I was ‘present’ for all the fiesta goings-on rather than be tied to the kitchen.

The party went off without a hitch (unless you count chocolate pieces everywhere and Stuart dropping his cactus TWICE!) and the cake was a success. I would highly recommend trying one yourself – it’s the perfect way to bring a little fiesta to your party!

Would you like to make one? Check out the recipe right here!

Stuart's Piñata Cake!

Stuart's Piñata Cake!

Stuart enjoys his cake.... Nom nom nom...

Stuart enjoys his cake.... Nom nom nom...


Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

6 thoughts on “How to make a Piñata Cake!

  1. It was the BEST PARTY I’ve ever had! Thanks to Michelle’s AWESOMENESS! xoxo

  2. Hi Michelle
    Just wondering where/how you stored your cake prior to the event? I am thinking about having a go at making the same cake and would like to make it a day or two before the party. Did you have to keep it in the fridge? Thanks Shannon

    • HI Shannon, thanks for your comment! I made the cake about 24 hours before the event and just let it sit out at room temperature. I’d used melted chocloate to seal the chocolate shell to the cake board so the cake was pretty much enclosed and it was iced as well so it didn’t dry out. I guess it would all depend upon your weather! If you’re in a humid environment and pull the cake out the fridge it will sweat big time… so yeah…. oh but one thing I wish I’d done – was refrigerate it for about an hour before the ‘smashing’ because it was pretty warm and the hammer smash didn’t really make that *CRACK* sound… only a dull thud – HA HA! Good Luck!

  3. Hi I really want to make this cake what sort of bowl did you use to make the shell…glass plastic metal??? I tried to make one years ago and had big problems getting the chocolate out of the bowl when set. Thanks Sarah

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting. The bowl I used was quite a large melamine one that had feet, meaning it was still spherical at the bottom rather than flat. And it was a while ago now, but I’m pretty sure I gave the bowl a spray of cooking oil before I put in the chocolate. Hope that helps 🙂

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