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Mealy Monday #8

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 Merry Mealy Monday to all! It’s going to be a great week. Our family is all very excited to be heading to Tasmania on Saturday night where we will no doubt be eating lots of delicious food and most likely drinking a few glasses of fabulous wine! Can’t wait. We will pull into Devonport Easter Sunday – so Easter Bunny will have to get his wetsuit on, so Will can get his first Easter Eggs!

But amongst all taht excitemnet is the five days where we will need to eat at home – so menu plan here we come! Firstly though, a recap on last week. We’ve been hit with a cold snap so it called for lots of cockle-warming dishes. Tasty Cottage Pie, Creamy Tuna Mornay, Fruity Beef casserole…. mmmm…. I’m getting hungry just typing about them! I’ve uploaded the Cottage Pie recipe to our Recipes Page so be sure to check it out – along with all of our other featured recipes.

I’ve also uploaded to the Recipes Page the Smartie Biscuits I baked the other week. I whipped up another batch this week with some of the mixture I had in the freezer – they would be great for kiddies during the school holidays. The smarties just make them a little bit special…

Now for our pre-holiday week’s meal plan! Let’s see what on the menu:

M: Garlic Prawns with Rice and Steamed Broccolini (a couple of cold’s have appeared this week – Garlic should give them a knock on the head)
T: Left over Tuna Mornay with salad
W: Butter Chicken
T: Freezer Night
F: Fish and Chips
S & S: Delicious fare from the Isle of Tasmania!

So with that – A reminder that Mealy Monday will return on May 9th, and I hope that everyone gets into the Easter spirit! Se below for some piccies and a few links to my Meal Planning Guru websites!

Perfect for wintery nights: Cottage Pie

Perfect for wintery nights: Cottage Pie

The very delicious Smartie Biscuits!

The very delicious Smartie Biscuits!

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