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Happy Easter from Raising Will

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Bleh! What a crazy-busy few days! And all with a sinus infection…. **groan**
My apologies for no post yesterday. I have an uncanny knack of digging myself too far into busy. Not only do we head off for a two-week holiday to Tasmania tomorrow (which I was meant to spend the week packing for…) but this week also saw the following:
1. I decided to host a Tupperware party last night and that didn’t finish until 11pm (hence my lack of post last night).
2. Hosting a party means cleaning the house (I have some unreasonable fear that people might discover my secret life featuring sleepless nights, messy lounge rooms and disgust for dishes).
3. Even with a Tupperware party arranged for the week – I decided to take on hosting my Mother’s Group as well. Yes I’m hopeless – I hear your screams of “WHY?!”. That was Wednesday.
4. I spent a chunk of my days shopping for holiday items (of course there could not be a week without a dose of retail therapy for me – and a holiday is as good excuse as any) and collecting Tupperware orders and payments.
5. Lots of phone calls confirming holiday bookings.
6. My body decided it wanted to chip in for my busy week as well and threw in a sinus infection for me to deal with. Booooo! So add in doctor appointments and visits to the chemist.
7. Will, not to be left out, thought he’d have a runny nose and push out two teeth. I’ve never seen a baby with such an aversion to snot. He hated it! Rubbed his little nose relentlessly.
8. Throw in some Easter decorating and list writing.
Phew! Busy indeed. However, I took some photos today that have me excited for my little man’s first Easter and have made me forget the inevitable late night of packing that sprouts from my week’s procrastination (even if it was seemingly required – it was procrastination all the same).
Easter Eggs: Going....
Easter Eggs: Going….
Easter Eggs: Going, Going....
Easter Eggs: Going, Going….












Easter Eggs: Going, Going, GONE!

Easter Eggs: Going, Going, GONE!

 From Michelle and Will at Raising Will – wishing all of our readers and their families a very happy and safe Easter. From tomorrow, we will be gallivanting across the Tasmanian countryside for two weeks without a computer, so our posts will return on Monday 9th May with a delicious Mealy Monday and perhaps a sneak peek at some holiday photos! Until then…. Take care xx


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Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

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