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Mealy Monday #9

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Well hello there strangers! We return from our Tasmanian Holiday!

Will gets ready to trek Cradle Mountain

Will gets ready to trek Cradle Mountain

Fresh off the Spirit of Tasmania yesterday morning, today I have deftly faced two unavoidable problems that come with any lengthy holiday…. the seemingly mountainous pile of washing that has accumulated and a very empty, sad-looking fridge. After popping on a giant load of washing, I quickly got down to my menu plan for this week so I could get to the supermarket and fill my empty shelves – fridge, pantry and otherwise.

But before, I get to that – a quick look at how we fared in Tasmania over the last two weeks! I’ve whipped up a Best & Worst of our Tassie dining, so if you ever head over to the Strait to our most southern state for a bite to eat – you’ll know where to go and where not to go….

BEST BREAKFAST: Without a doubt – Moby Dick’s Breakfast Bar in Stanley. Fantastic, friendly, relaxed service and unbelievable value! If Waffles with grilled banana and genuine maple syrup doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will…

WORST BREAKFAST: After a horrificly sick boat ride over Bass Strait, I did not at all enjoy my Bakehouse Brekky Roll from Macca’s in Devonport. Mind you, you could’ve served me the best meal I’ve ever had, ever, and it would’ve ended up as worst breakfast winner. Macca’s was closely followed by the breakfast buffet at Cradle Mountain Chateau that set us back $25pp. Left me saying ‘meh’. Obviously, ‘value’ had decided that the Dove Lake Circuit was more worthy of its time and was out walking all morning…. as it does every morning…. and afternoon…. and night…. In fact, you won’t see ‘value’ anywhere near Cradle Mountain Chateau.

BEST LUNCH: We sadly lacked quality in our lunches until the last two days of our Tasmanian adventure. We thought we’d found our winner when we stopped by my cousin’s place for a spot of lunch. Bev whipped up a most gorgeous pasta with pumpkin, spinach, mushys and bacon. It was truly delish and she was certainly holding the Lunch Cup with her kitchen guile… Then on our last day we stopped at the Deloraine Deli in Deloraine. Absolutely fantastic lunch at a great price. Best Vegetable Curry I’ve ever had, and Jarrod’s ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’ was the best value cheese plate I’ve ever seen.

WORST LUNCH: Officially the saltiest tomato soup on the planet was served to me at Lake St Clair National Park Visitor Centre. I almost had to drink the entire Lake St Clair afterwards. Blah! Honourable mention goes to the day we forgot to have lunch. Indeed, I would’ve rather not eaten than had that soup served to me again.

BEST DINNER: This award goes to Felon’s Restaurant at Port Arthur. Fantastic Value, Fantastic Service, Fantastic Menu, Fantastic Everything. Starting with the Pan fried Tasmanian lamb served on a fresh goat’s cheese salad with crisp Turkish bread, I was pleasantly surprised. And when mains came along I was certainly spoilt – Warm pumpkin, Huon Valley mushrooms and feta tart served with fresh salad, poached pear, tempura vegetables and pide bread. All for $39 dollars. Couldn’t fault it (we won’t discuss why the chef decided that ‘tempura’ vegetables suited that particular dish – but it was delicious all the same). Jarrod’s dishes were equally awesome. Special Mention goes to the Leatherwood Restaurant on board the Spirit of Tasmania. If only it didn’t all come back up again…..

WORST DINNER: This was hands-down the easiest title to award. 1964 called and said they wanted their menu back. I was expecting Gordon Ramsay to walk around the corner any second filming an episode of Kitchen Nightmares… We only went to this place because everything else was booked out – and there was a reason this one wasn’t. Over-priced, horrible food, mediocre service and all with a name-saked view that couldn’t be seen in the dark. If in Stanley, avoid the Nut View Restaurant like the plague. Epic Fail…

So with those titles out of the way – here’s what our bellies can look forward to this week:

M: Freezer Night
T: Burritos
W: Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks
T: Beef Sausages with Veg & Mash
F: Scotch Fillet with Salad and Chips
S: Chicken Parmas
S: Oven Baked Fish & Chips

Be sure to check out some other handy sites to assist with your own menu planning:

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