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Motherhood: The good, the bad and the ugly!

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Just wanted to say that as good as Motherhood can be, at times it can be bad and certainly ugly…

With my little man over his virus, I take stock of myself after my germ duelling and realise that I’ve become the walking dead (and not for the first time). The toll motherhood takes on your body is extraordinary and I wanted to pay tribute to what Mummies go through; the hard stuff that lurks beneath; the physical and the mental. Behold – the bad and the ugly…

One: No sleep. I’ve covered this topic before. Now that Will has decided to feed three hourly through the deepest part of the night, I have next to none. Add to that all the thinking my brain decides that it HAS to do between 12am and 6am and vwhah-LAH! I present exhibit zombie!

Two: Dinner dates. Ba ha ha ha ha ha. Almost as common as leg shaving. In fact they probably accompany each other in their rareness.

Three: Guilt. There’s something you like doing for yourself, then you find yourself doing it when you should be doing something for your child. Enter guilt and the subsequent guilt you feel when you do it again. Example. Get out of shower and hear Will crying (he had been asleep). Proceed to blow dry and straighten hair anyway whilst Will cries his eyes out for attention. Oh so guilty.

Four: Bad Hair. I haven’t been to the hairdressers for six months. Enough said. 

Five: Biscuits. I have already eaten too many half eaten biscuits. Will’s only 9 1/2 months old. Sigh

Six: House arrest. Breast feeding is fantastic – but it ties me to home. Rarely can I do things out-of-town (or even in town sometimes) without my little guy needing to tag along and that’s not always practical.

Seven: Simplicity? What’s that? I’m all about chaos at the moment. Semi-organised chaos sometimes, but mostly just plain crazy chaos. **Shout-out to a cracker of a blog – Common Chaos Chronicle. If I think one kid is bad… Jac’s got SIX OF THEM!!!**

Eight: Chocolate consumption. Proportionate to levels of guilt experienced. Unbelievably bad….

Nine: Exhibitionism. Only a mum could feel at ease with whipping a boob out in the middle of a shopping centre. Well, a mum and a stripper. Hmmmm…

Ten: Clean carpet. Our carpet has begun to resemble a leopard. A blue and slightly-lighter-blue one. Who would’ve thought a spewy baby could be such a post-impressionist!

If only I knew what he was thinking: Will works on his mischeif!

If only I knew what he was thinking: Will works on his mischief!


Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

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