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Where’s the milk MUM!

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I’ve been having a bit of trouble with young Will since we got back from Tassie. Not only did he get sick, he’s decided that he would rather feed through the night than during the day. When the sun was up there was tears and screaming and pulling and biting. Booooo I hear you all say! That’s right folks, three hourly feeds overnight do not a happy mummy make! Went to see our Maternal Child Health Nurse this morning and when I walked in her first comment was “Well Michelle, What’s up with you…? You look EXHAUSTED!”…. thank you Captain Obvious! I was exhausted. The night feeds were really taking it out of me.

We came up with the theory that Will had decided night-time was the best time to feed because he had my undivided attention; no distractions. So our plan is to feed in a ‘night-time-like’ scenario i.e. dark room, no noise, no distractions. So far, since this morning’s visit, it’s worked a treat. Will’s had three semi-fantastic feeds. We also decided this morning that my milk supply was running low; probably from a combination lack of sleep, stress from Will’s virus, and Will’s hap-hazard feeding. So I was sent on a mission to get some Weleda Tea. Now, I love Black Tea, but don’t like most herbal tea, so I wasn’t 100% keen on the idea. I had however read online somewhere about Lactation Cookies, so I vowed I’d make some of them and see how we go…

I found a recipe and went to my local Health Food shop and picked up some Linseed Meal, Brewer’s Yeast & Fenugreek Seed. And after Will went to bed, I started whipping them up!

Adding the Linseed Meal

Adding the Linseed Meal

Mixing it all up

Mixing it all up

Shaping the biscuit mixture

Shaping the biscuit mixture

The finished Cookies

The finished Cookies

Now it’s getting late so I’ll pop the recipe up tomorrow night for all you ladies out there looking to increase your liquid Gold! Also a fantastic gift to send into hospital for new mummies! I know I would’ve LOVED a box of these when I was in hospital. And just for the record, I’ve taste tested them and well, let’s just say I’ve taste tested them three times…. Yum yum yum…

**Check out the recipe for Raising Will’s Lactation Cookies right here!


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