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I actually made something I pinned in Pinterest

Pinterest: a procrastinator’s heaven…….and a special announcement!


A little thing that’s surfaced since I was last blogging is the amazing world of Pinterest.

For anyone with tendencies to dream of precious and inspiring things, Pinterest will definitely take away your time. Perfect for filling in that extra five minutes, relieving boredom, or LOSING A WHOLE DAY IN!!!! Yes, seriously, a whole day – I can hear the Pinterest converts’ weary necks creaking as they hang their heads in shame…

Soooo Very True....

Soooo Very True....

For those not yet familiar with the phenomenon, Pinterest is a website that plays host to ‘virtual pinboards’ filled with images from the net that people love/hate/exclaim at/wonder at/laugh at/dream about/want to remember for that sleepover their child has in another nine years… These pinboards are created by members by ‘pinning’ images they find anywhere across the WWW via a simple little button that is installed on your internet browser. These ‘pins’ then permanently link to that very same spot where you found it, for future reference of course!

So for example, you find a recipe you really like. Using your installed pin button – you can choose the image to save to your pin board, add a comment and that’s it! You’ve got a photo bookmark you can visit anytime you want to cook that recipe. It will spell the end to wedding magazines – I’m sure.

The idea behind ME joining up to Pinterest was of course to get some inspiration for crafty things to do, and to laugh and wonder at all the funny and cute things that people pin. Will’s birthday cake – as some of you may remember from our Facebook Page, was inspired by Pinterest. So technically, todays post isn’t the FIRST thing I’ve made…. but I digress….

My second official Pinterest-inspired project has been this wall hanging for the little guy’s room.

Will's Wall Hanging

Will's Wall Hanging - inspiration courtesy of Pinterest!

I think it looks great and I found it really simple to make once I found the right thing to use. My problem was finding the letters to use… then one day, whilst minding my own business, a TYPO STORE jumped out and ate me. It took me hours to get out of its stationery-hazed depths but I emerged with one (ok maybe it was more… but….. I….. don’t remember) (yeah – I may’ve needed a trailer to get home) (ok… yes…. a semi-trailer!) souvenir from my visit. A great little box with over 150 little craft wood letters inside! Then it was off to Spotlight to find the perfect frame. 

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig! I had heaps of paints at home already so I painted the letters all different colours (including William’s name and a little heart in white). I then painted the backing paper in a light blue and left them all to dry. Now, I’m not going to lie. The painting was a little painstaking – but so very worth it. Also I find sitting there with a paint brush and red/blue/purple/green/yellow/white fingers to be very therapeutic – call me crazy.

Once dry, I carefully laid the letters painted side down onto the frame glass (putting down the white pieces first so they were in the correct position). Down goes the backing paper, then an extra piece of card, just to make sure the letters are firmly up against the glass, then the back board….. and Ta Da! One cute piece of art!

My son.... the art appreciator!

My son.... the art appreciator!

 After our big move at the end of August, Will’s room is finally beginning to look like his own. Now to start with the rest of the house!

Master William's humble abode.

Master William's humble abode.

 Special Announcement!

So… did you like the little wall hanging? Well………. I had so many letters left over that I’m going to be GIVING ONE OF THESE WALL HANGINGS AWAY! Would you like to win it? Well, first things first we need to get the Raising Will Facebook Page up to 200 likers! Once we reach this special goal – more competition details will follow. So get sharing people!


Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

6 thoughts on “Pinterest: a procrastinator’s heaven…….and a special announcement!

  1. OH MY GODNESS im so excited. i invited everyone i know to check out your page. and your awesome work.

  2. I have only dipped my toe in the Pinterest waters at the mo – mostly as I am scared of adding another time-swallowing addiction to my list of media activities! Just wanted to say that Bubble has that scout dog too…how much do you love it? Great post btw..I am tempted to head back over to Pinterest…maybe tomorrow x

    • Gosh Jolene! This comment must’ve disappeared under a mountain of something… perhaps it was… ummm… na… I got nothing. I’m just slack 😉
      Thanks for the love – Will adores his Scout! It was great to take on holidays in Tassie as it gave him something familiar at bedtime. Scout originally slept in Will’s bed but we had to take him out because Will would roll on one of his feet or something and “If you’re Happy & You Know It” would start up at like 2am…. **groan** LOL

  3. Soooo cool!!! I’m foreseeing a trip to Typo tomorrow…..
    I co-host a Tuesday link up for exactly this- making things from Pinterest. You should link this up!!

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