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Think Again Mama: A Letter to Myself


Dear me,

I see November 2013 is rolling around and you are getting that itch. That hankering for the ovary-tingling smell. That uncontrollable urge to hold ALL the babies. That sly glance at assorted newborn-sized cuteness. That desire for an uncomplicated little bundle who’s needs are so simple. That thought of proferring your uterus to a wriggly tenant on a nine month lease…..


Stop right there Missy!

I give you Exhibit A:

Screamy Baby

Screamy Baby

And Exhibit B:

Tantrumming Toddler

Tantrumming Toddler

And through your newborn-coloured glasses you may not remember the following:

1. At least four weeks of house-bound pain and invalid-ness;

2. Two hours of sleep a night if you’re lucky;

3. Boobs the size and weight of the bag full of nappies you have to lug out to the bin every three hours;

4. Being tethered to a little person who demands you frequently otherwise SCREAMY happens;

5. Always being 30mins late…. ALWAYS;

6. Waving to the wine bottle as it passes;

7. Fashion dictated by whether or not you can get your boobs out quick enough;

8. Unless you want it stretched, broken or eaten – no fancy-schmancy jewellery;

9. Only taking a purse, phone and glasses for yourself in a 45kg bag of crap for everyone else;

10. Getting. Nothing. Done;

11. Stubbing your toe on various tractor-related sharp and pointy things;

12. Never going to the toilet alone….. EVER;

13. Having absolutely no idea whats wrong with the writhing screaming bundle in your arms;

14. Tantrums because the top fell off a sandwich or the juice is in the wrong cup;

15. Being drooled, spewed, weed and pooed on all within 3 minutes;

16. Wearing the drool-spew-wee-poo clothes for four days because the washing machine is running overtime washing kidlet clothes;

17.  Killer back-ache from leaning over the bath/cot/couch/floor/car and under the bath/cot/couch/floor/car – yes! Under the bath!

18. More Peppa Pig, Wiggles, Play School and Pingu than any sane, normal person should have to handle;

19. Always… ALWAYS being required to share half your meal;

20. And NINE MONTHS of feeling like a hungry whale that somebody perched atop two tree stumps and sent off in a V8 Supercar to drive up and down from Bright to Falls Creek at 80km/hr.

Yep! ALLLLLL that!

No –  I don’t want to see……

I said don’t show me!………..


Can't handle the cute...

Can’t handle the cute…

Ah crap….. As you were.

Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

21 thoughts on “Think Again Mama: A Letter to Myself

  1. Man, that is me all over at the moment. Just the reminder i needed!

  2. That is awesome, I love it!!

  3. You know, I am pondering #4 right now. My youngest is almost one and I am still yet to have one good night’s sleep since he was born but I could still do it. Maybe.

  4. Nope this makes me want another one desperately but i have no one to make one with so maybe that is why LOL My Bundle of joy is off to 4 year old kinder so that could also be the issue

  5. It is definitely hard to fight the urge … you do try and block out all the crap and then before you know it you are knee deep in it again … someone once told me that as long as you are able to keep having children biologically (age wise) then you will always have the urge … don’t know if it is true but it certainly feels like it!

  6. Yea my november self will be toting around one child, my now 7 month old. I decided I’m doing 3-5 years without another. I haven’t slept alone since he was comceived :/

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  8. Oh dear, I could have written this post myself just a week before I discovered my wriggly tenant. Arhhhhh. I already hav too much pepper pig in my life. Hehehe. But there is just soooo much cute!

  9. Saving that somewhere handy, for next time i think i could have another baby… Lol.. Love it

  10. YES! And you know the worst bit? This is my life and I still am thinking about it. Seriously I am deranged!

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