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My Week on Instagram…


My Week on Instagram 7-13 Jan 2013

My Week on Instagram 7-13 Jan 2013

1. Selfie on the street where I live. | 2. A rare glass of wine over Project Life 2012 catch-up. | 3. Will, too cool for school, loves his Babiators. | 4. A selection of purchases from Sussan – inspired by Styling You’s Unlock Your Style Holiday Camp. | 5. Some quotey goodness from a sticker book I purchased. | 6. The new Seafoam Collection arrived from Becky Higgins this week – so excited for Project Life 2013 with such a beautiful core kit! | 7. Tried some new protein snacks this week – I give them a 3/10 | 8. I put together a custom notebook on Blurb to keep track of notes for Project Life this year – will come in very handy. | 9. Accessorising it up with the Unlock Your Style Holiday Camp. | 10. & 11. Saturday saw the BIGGEST day in the history of Raising Will – very exciting to have a post that was shared all over the place. | 12. Little Xav all tuckered out after a horrid 48 hours of screaming and growth spurts…. Unfortunately he was only asleep for five minutes then up for more screaming. | 13. Something beginning with ‘T’ from Fat Mum Slim’s #photoaday challenge.

*Note: This post contains no sponsored links – just stuff I love xx

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Author: Michelle @ Raising Will

Loves Mr RW, two sweet boys and ALL the coffee. Sporadic Blogger. Sewing Addict. Perfume wearer. Chocolate eater. Stop the clock, I need a sleep!

12 thoughts on “My Week on Instagram…

  1. Little ones always look so cute in sun glasses! xx

  2. Great photos. Love the idea of a custom blurb book for PL.

  3. I was so wanting to buy Project Life and make a good go of it this year but the fact that I still haven’t bought it means that I probably won’t. maybe next year. Awesome photos, Michelle. Thanks for linking up with me this week x

    • Pleasure Tina. You know you can start PL whenever you want right? And check out Becky’s Blog for the, I think it’s 5 NEW EDITIONS, coming out in May. If they don’t sell you… well – you’re a stronger woman than I LOL

  4. Love the scarf in photo 9! 🙂 I am a big scarf wearer.

    I have tried those low carbs bites recently too, gross! 😦

  5. Gorgeous photos – project life sounds very inspiring.

  6. Love how you used all photos on this page. Great story telling…..

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