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Not at Problogger 2013

Not At Problogger

Not At Problogger

It’s that time of year again, where my Twitter and Instagram feeds fill with the utter gold that is Problogger and I despair at the fact I’m not there. Again.

*insert crying here*

The pandemonium has already started. People packing, flying, beaching, and taking selfies in quirky elevators. I grieve for the friendships I could’ve forged and real life high-fives I could’ve made. I weep for the un-child-interrupted sleep I may’ve gotten and the cocktails I may’ve would’ve drank.

Then it hit me. I COULD go to Problogger 2013! In puppet form!

So many of my buddies are heading to the sunny Gold Coast, surely one of them could take me with them?

Yes, I’m looking at you…

I’ve even made you a printable Michelle for your conference socialising purposes. Just click the image below and download Mini RW, print her out, do some cutting/sticking, and Vwah-LAH! One very loyal conference buddy! Print lots of them out and have your own following of RW minions!

Take Raising Will to ProBlogger 2013 Finger Puppet

Take Raising Will to ProBlogger 2013

Tweet or Instagram your pictures with Mini RW using the hashtag #sayhellotoRW and the picture I judge to be the best will win a little crafty something from the House of Two Little Crickets.

So what are you waiting for? Get printing!

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Looking in the mirror, and what do I see?

A doubtful woman staring back at me.

Driven & determined, but always with the doubt.

Driven & determined, but always with the doubt.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been highly driven. It’s been my nature since I was a girl. I was always doing something and because I was doing it, I had to do it right; be the best; win the race. But with that drive came crippling doubt. If I didn’t excel at something  I fell flat. I found myself in a pit of my own doubtful despair until the next opportunity came along and I could leave that uncertainty by the way-side; strive onwards with my new direction.

And I’m only just now beginning to understand that life can’t work that way. How juvenile I have been.

We must actually FACE the lack-lustre, walk beside it, feel it’s blemished surface. We often must continue along the same path, waving shiny new ones adieu as we pass their glimmering intersection. I need to accept the fact that I doubt myself and that’s ok. I can still function with doubt beside me. I can still parent my children well. I can still write. I can still have opinions.

I need to work at freeing myself from the fear of doubt’s grip.

Just because it gets hard, doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong or that I should quit. It just means it’s hard.


Raising Will gets a Face-lift!

For a long while I’ve been unhappy with how this blog has looked. Where I was first so impressed with what I had put together by myself, as I became more involved in the blogging community and privy to twitter gems from the Digital Parents Conference 2012 and the Problogger Event in Melbourne recently, it dawned on me that this blog is MY space. It was a reflection of me. And I was not blue and disjointed.

So then began the thinking about where I wanted to head with Raising Will. Lately I’ve been somewhat distant from writing posts – with one MAJOR reason of course. But as I began to ponder on what I wanted to do here and how I wanted to grow, I realised that it was all well and good to want to spend dollars and pretty up the space, migrate to self-hosted and really get serious – but when I can hardly find the time I wish to spend blogging, would that be sensible? Would that be responsible? With only one wage coming into our household – no. It was neither of those things.

So I compromised. Although writing a blog on wordpress.com is completely limited from a plugin perspective (and of course the major issue that you don’t actually OWN your content)  it does allow some flexibility to play with design and themes – so I followed some of my bliss and gave Raising Will a new lick of paint and a fresh theme; one that was more me. Goodbye blue, hello sunshine. Goodbye disconnect, hello seamless (well, almost). I am still tinkering and probably always will be, but I hope you like the new look as much as I do.

Raising Will 2.0

Raising Will 2.0: The new digs…

Lastly, if you’re at the same cross-roads as I am – here’s a fantastic summary of the next big step for some: Moving to Self-hosted WordPress thanks to the fabulous Kelly Exeter.

Do you blog? Do you yearn for the big time? If you could have your blog do anything, what would it be?