Raising Will

Bump @ 31 weeks 5 days


Help… I’m Pregnant… And I can’t get up!: The Joys of the Third Trimester

So I’m 31 weeks and  5 days pregnant today. It’s a little hard for me to believe that, if my last birthing experience was anything to go by, I could be holding a new baby in my arms in precisely 5 weeks and 3 days.

* falls off chair*

*gets back on chair*

This pregnancy has been a completely different experience to what I had with baby Will. Where my first pregnancy was all sunshine and rainbows and yoga and acupuncture and day-time naps and massages and nursery decorating, this one has been painful and exhausting and dehydrated and disorganised and stressed and nursery is still a pile of crap in the spare room and keeping up with a toddler is doing my head in.

I don’t think I could miss my last pregnancy more if I tried.

Don’t get me wrong, the phenomenal amount of love I feel for the little bean growing inside my ever-increasing belly is… well… phenomenal. I’m just over my body whinging at me about the hard time it thinks it’s having. GET OVER IT BODY! Not that much longer now, surely you could give me a break from those nerve impulses you’re sending from my pelvis telling me that I am in constant pain. And I’m positive that my stomach can handle more than a glass of water without burning the crap out of my oesophagus! 

“Dear Body,

Get a grip on yourself. It’s a baby, not an elephant.

God, I hope it’s not an elephant.



So, I’m hoping to bring back some peace to my pregnancy. A visit to the health food store and a Homeopath today will hopefully make me feel a bit better. Think I need a cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea. And maybe I’ll make a cake. Because in my experience cake fixes most things.

What herbals did you go nuts over when you were pregnant?

Did they work for you?