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Raising Will’s Cup A Day Photo Challenge RETURNS!

It’s been a big few months here in RW land with lots going on and two months have gone past since we last ran #RWcuppaaday.  But after much begging from you guys – Cuppa A Day is BACK and now with a new hashtag (minus a ‘p’ and an ‘a’)!

Check out the prompts for #RWcupaday during September. We’d love you to join in:

RWcupaday September

Raising Will’s Cup A Day – September

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, here is some of my favourite ‘cuppa-ography’ from June:

Cuppa Anyone?

Cuppa Anyone?

We ended up with just shy of 240 cuppas for the month! Congratulations on taking time out for you, even if it was just for a little break. I loved seeing your days play out with a cuppa-in-hand and the insight into all your beautiful cups, pots and jugs. And FOOD! How could I forget the FOOD!

More Cuppa Action!

More Cuppa Action!

Get in on the action via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #RWcupaday and feel free to tag @raisingwill if you like. Hope to welcome you into the world of #RWcupaday this September xx



Today, parenting is hard…

Every day I watch the boys grow before my eyes.

Will is on his imaginary mobile phone having an imaginary conversation with the imaginary man that is selling him imaginary fuel for his imaginary tractor. Xavier toddles along like he wants to master this walking thing before the month is out. And I just try and give them the best environment for them to flourish and grow in.

Today is hard. But even when I find myself despairing at their ungrateful temper tantrums, they still grow.

There’s only limited time in life. I can’t afford to dwell on their button pushing. They’re so big already.

Growing up

Growing up


Raising Will’s Cuppa A Day: the best excuse for a break!

So it turns out I’m not the only one that can rock taking a picture of my cuppa – it’s been great to see others getting in on the cuppaography (totes made up a new word!). And it’s been lovely to know you’ve all been taking a bit of down time with your cuppas.

Raising Will's Cuppa A Day

Cuppa A Day takes over the world!!

So there’s only one thing for it…… KEEP GOING! I know my weekly challenge has two days left, and you can keep on with that one – but if you like, take on the new challenge of taking a break every day FOR A MONTH!

And when your other half rolls their eyes at you taking a pic of your cuppa (again?!), you definitely have the best excuse.

I present to you Raising Will’s JUNE Cuppa A Day Photo Challenge:

Raising Will's Cuppa A Day - JUNE

The RW Cuppa A Day challenge list for JUNE!

The technical stuff? There aren’t any rules really, but try and get into the Cuppa A Day spirit:  include a cuppa in each of your pics. It can be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water, wine in a mug; we won’t judge. Just take a break and be ok with it. Lordy knows we need breaks….. and cuppas.

Share your photos on Instagram or Twitter with the hash-tag #RWcuppaaday, or on the Raising Will Facebook Page….. Bring on the cuppas and I look forward to tuning into your cuppaography each day!

Now excuse me while I go make a coffee…

Will you be joining in? What’s your cuppa of choice?

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The easiest Photo-a-Day Challenge EVER!

I take a lot of photos, especially on my phone. So you’d think that all the photo-a-day challenges around would be right up my alley. And they are…. until approximately a week in when I forget to take the required picture or I come across something that draws a complete blank in my mind. And then I find myself doing something ESPECIALLY to take its picture for the interwebs………. nup.

On another note – I love coffee. Every day. Multiple times a day. Nom.


Coffee – get. in. mah. belleh.

Enter my epiphany this morning. The easiest photo-a-day challenge ever. It only goes for a week (Hallelujah!) and it involves my only regular sanity-keeping device – a cuppa.

There aren’t many moments during the day where serenity can’t be found in a minute at the bottom of a mug/cup/fancy-schmancy glass latte glass/cardboard takeaway cup/shot glass/teapot.

And so I introduce Raising Will’s Cuppa A Day:

RW's Cuppa A Day

Join in with Raising Will’s “Cuppa A Day” Photo Challenge

So, starting Monday  27th May (tomorrow) –  if you’re just like me and finally want to complete a photo-a-day challenge without the inevitable sobbing at never being able to finish one, or you’re a cuppa addict of the tea/coffee/hot chocolate/champagne/hot lemony water variety, then get on board with #RWcuppaaday. Hashtag and post away and I’ll see you on the ‘gram, twitter or facey with your delicious moments of sanity…

And if you HAVE to make a cuppa especially to take a picture… Is that such a bad thing?

Are you a photo-a-day drop-out like me?

Will you be joining in #RWcuppaaday?

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My Week on Instagram…

*Disclosure: I have been gifted some items in conjunction with an event mentioned in this post.

My week on Instagram Jan 14-20

My week on Instagram Jan 14-20 2013

1. Pineapple. | 2. Officially the worst household job of all time. | 3. Selfie showing off some new style courtesy of Styling You’s Unlock Your Style Holiday Camp. | 4. Sunset. | 5. Starting my morning with a hint of Yellow. | 6. Brownie and Ice cream – NOM! | 7. Two things. | 8. On our road trip to Melbourne – Will getting ready for a snooze. | 9. A very welcome new addition to my make-up drawer. | 10. About to head into the city for the #Targetlovesbloggers PR event* with the cutest accessory in tow. | 11. Gorgeous new mobile available at Target*. | 12. New homewares coming to Target* in February. | 13. Shadow. | 14. Will loving a visit to the adventure playground at Braeside Park. | 15. Tiger at the Melbourne Zoo. | 16. At the start of the three hour drive home – bye Melbourne!

*Disclosure: I was gifted some items for my attendance at the Target PR event – however was not required to follow this attendance up with promotion of any kind. I mention their products here because I loved them and enjoy shopping at Target.

Linking up with Tina Gray {dot} Me for “My week according to Instagram”


My Week on Instagram…

My Week on Instagram 7-13 Jan 2013

My Week on Instagram 7-13 Jan 2013

1. Selfie on the street where I live. | 2. A rare glass of wine over Project Life 2012 catch-up. | 3. Will, too cool for school, loves his Babiators. | 4. A selection of purchases from Sussan – inspired by Styling You’s Unlock Your Style Holiday Camp. | 5. Some quotey goodness from a sticker book I purchased. | 6. The new Seafoam Collection arrived from Becky Higgins this week – so excited for Project Life 2013 with such a beautiful core kit! | 7. Tried some new protein snacks this week – I give them a 3/10 | 8. I put together a custom notebook on Blurb to keep track of notes for Project Life this year – will come in very handy. | 9. Accessorising it up with the Unlock Your Style Holiday Camp. | 10. & 11. Saturday saw the BIGGEST day in the history of Raising Will – very exciting to have a post that was shared all over the place. | 12. Little Xav all tuckered out after a horrid 48 hours of screaming and growth spurts…. Unfortunately he was only asleep for five minutes then up for more screaming. | 13. Something beginning with ‘T’ from Fat Mum Slim’s #photoaday challenge.

*Note: This post contains no sponsored links – just stuff I love xx

Linking up with Tina Gray {dot} Me for “My week according to Instagram”


Raising Will’s Top 11 photos of 2011

Hmm…. Confession: my blog has been a bit inactive lately. Well, that’s not really a confession is it – it’s pretty bleeding obvious! Alas, I have been inspired by a lovely blog I follow – Click.Pray.Love. – to get back on that old horse again. How have I been inspired I hear you ask? By the linky party Click.Pray.Love is hosting:

I couldn’t pass up this challenge, to choose my top 11 photos for the year, because you all know how I love to take piccies…
So, without further adieu, I bring you my cream of the crop for 2011:


Look at me! I'm a Lizard!
 Look at me! I’m a Lizard! : This shot was taken the day Will discovered that his tongue actually came OUT of his mouth. I swear no baby ever had a tongue this long – I was in stitches on the floor with him and the camera – It was like he knew it was hilarious and he was doing it to make me laugh. Just when you think you can’t love them anymore, they go and do something adorable.


Will and his Dad hiking up to Wineglass Bay Lookout
 Will and his Dad hiking up to Wineglass Bay Lookout – Tasmania: We had just walked up a million steps and were having a rest after being filmed by a Japanese film crew (yes that’s right, we’re big in Japan). The sun was about to set and the light played all over the rocks and trees and faces of the two most important boys in my life. I snapped away at them as Daddy played ‘peek-a-boo’ with Will. Such a beautiful place, on a beautiful holiday, with my beautiful family.
The family in Tassie
 The Family in Tassie: The very last day of our holiday, about an hour before we could board the Spirit of Tasmania, we checked out the light house at Devonport. My husband managed to self-snap this shot of us, and I think this is up there with my favourite picture of our family so far. I just love it love it love it!


No mum, I didn't slobber on the windows...
No mum, I didn’t slobber on the windows… : Just like when he discovered his tongue, Will discovered what glass felt like to lick, and there was no stopping him then. I have never met anyone that cracks me up as much as this little guy. When you can’t hold the camera still for all the laughing – you know you’re onto a good shot! LOL… It still makes me laugh.


A Tractor for a Special Birthday Boy
A Tractor for a Special Birthday Boy: Will’s first birthday and I’m so very glad Hubby’s brother managed to snap this shot with our camera. The joy on Will’s face when we opened his tractor was so amazing it made me tear up – especially as we were two weeks away from moving house to rural Victoria so Hubby could work on the farm with his own father, driving tractors and the like. Now Will gets to ride in the real thing and his expression is still priceless – though this will always be where the seed was planted…


More Cake Batter Please!
More Cake Batter Please!: We had been at our new place long enough now for me to finally do some baking – not that I bake OFTEN – but it was good to have things where they needed to be and not packed away in boxes (mind you – we still haven’t unpacked some stuff four months later). We were making chocolate muffins and Will, being the standard issue toddler that he is, was whingeing at my legs for attention, so to shoosh him up I gave him a bit of the muffin batter…. and BOY was that a mistake! If I thought the whingeing was bad before… Long story short – somebody ended up with a bowl and spoon to lick much to his delight.


But I really want a biscuit!
But I really want a biscuit!: Need I say more? I just adore his eyes in this picture. Many problems in the future will be allayed by those eyes…
Will-in-a-box! : There is nothing more fun to a child than a cardboard box, unless of course you have a cardboard box…. and PACKING PEANUTS! He was having the time of his life bathing in those starchy-morsels, especially enjoying their ‘rustling-capacity’ – a feature he looks for in any good play-thing.


Father and Son and Header
Father and Son and Header: It was our first Wheat Harvest since our move and nothing excited William more than the big “bwoar bwoar bwoar” (or Header as it’s more commonly known). THere was no way he was staying in the car while Dad did the looking – always wanting to be part of the action our William.
Cuddles with his Gran at Christmas
Cuddles with his Gran at Christmas: This is my favourite Christmas time photo – I just love it. Don’t know if it’s because Will is looking straight at the camera, or because I finally have a photo of my Mum with a natural smile… who knows! But I love it and I know my Mum will too – this one’s for you Mum xx
So there it is – my Top 11 of 2011. Hope you enjoyed checking them out as much as I enjoyed selecting them for this great link up.
To all my readers – I wish you and your families a very sparkly 2012; may you achieve all you dare too and dream bigger than you have before. No promises as to my next post, but I really miss this blogging business so I’ll be back on board as soon as I can.