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Raising Will’s Cup A Day Photo Challenge RETURNS!

It’s been a big few months here in RW land with lots going on and two months have gone past since we last ran #RWcuppaaday.  But after much begging from you guys – Cuppa A Day is BACK and now with a new hashtag (minus a ‘p’ and an ‘a’)!

Check out the prompts for #RWcupaday during September. We’d love you to join in:

RWcupaday September

Raising Will’s Cup A Day – September

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, here is some of my favourite ‘cuppa-ography’ from June:

Cuppa Anyone?

Cuppa Anyone?

We ended up with just shy of 240 cuppas for the month! Congratulations on taking time out for you, even if it was just for a little break. I loved seeing your days play out with a cuppa-in-hand and the insight into all your beautiful cups, pots and jugs. And FOOD! How could I forget the FOOD!

More Cuppa Action!

More Cuppa Action!

Get in on the action via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #RWcupaday and feel free to tag @raisingwill if you like. Hope to welcome you into the world of #RWcupaday this September xx


Loathe | Like | Love #2

Another glimpse into the head of Will’s mum…

LOATHE | Time waits for no Mum and I find myself without a diary. For me this is like walking around with a lobotomy. And I know I don’t have a diary but I put off buying one. Because none of them seem right. I especially loathe trying to buy a diary now I’m a Mum because Will does not appreciate being wheeled around stationery aisles for hours on end. Nor do my feet (mind you I would gladly LIVE in a stationery aisle if it was at all possible). So my mission for the next few weeks is to resolve this issue. Said diary must be awesomely fantastic, classy and fit in my handbag without taking up too much room. It must be easy to write in. It must have to-do lists. It must have the week to a page, starting on a Monday. It must hold a pen. It must not open and spill its contents everywhere. Did I already say it must be awesome….? And yes, I understand it is May already. Perhaps I’ll start looking now for my 2012 edition…. Hmmpf! Suggestions?

LIKE | UrbanBaby. If this site delivered Pinot Noir and Cadbury chocolate, I would never leave my computer. Such gorgeousness for my William should not tease my purse so…. Especially with my new love as per below….

LOVE | Tea. I am digging Tea at the moment. I could drink tea on a plane. I could drink it in the rain. I could drink it over there. I could drink it anywhere! As Carl Barron once said – “You know you’re getting old, ’cause you get excited about tea!”

Secondly – T.U.P.P.E.R.W.A.R.E. It’s kinda like cocaine for housewives…. You find it really hard to stop after your first hit…..  Fortunately for my kitchen, and unfortunately for my bank balance – I think (just between you and me) that I might be addicted. Ah well… It could be worse… I could be addicted to shoes and bags…. Ah… wait…. DAMN IT!

And apparently today’s post was brought to you by the Dr Seuss and the letter T .

Facts About Tea!

Facts About Tea!