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Thankful Thought #2: Happiness

Time for another Thankful Thought. It’s something that really made my day whilst we were over in Tassie.

The idea that a brief smile or laughter from a child can instantly better someone’s day.

We were in Lake St Clair and the lady serving us lunch was OBVIOUSLY having a bad day. Don’t know if Will did it on purpose, but he gave the lady the biggest cheesy grin and as she smiled back at him he let out an excited torrent of laughter. “Oh, You’ve just made my terrible morning worth it little man!”. My heart swelled with pride that my little man could have such an impact on a complete stranger.

Another moment I’ll treasure is Will sending a man (who I thought looked a bit like a cross between a hardened criminal and a surfer) standing behind me in the line at the supermarket checkout into fits of laughter as his little head popped down behind my shoulder, hiding from the man, only to pop back up again with a big toothy grin and spontaneous giggles for the guy whom I would not be surprised if I saw on the news the next day because he held up a bank with lots of guns and his surfboard. 

It just proves to me, that Happiness is catchy…

Thankful Thought No 2 - Happiness

Thankful Thought No 2 - Happiness

**Thanks to Ali Edwards for her fantastic inspiration xx


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Thankful Thought #1: Laughter

When I ask myself what it is I’m thankful for, many things come to mind. My family, friends, a place to live, a car to drive, food to eat; these are all standard answers. But I ponder deeper into this question. What are other people thankful for? What is something I’m thankful for each day? What is the littlest thing? The largest? What emotions? What visions?

There is at least one thing that answers all of these questions. It’s something I try to pass on, something I enjoy every day, it can be little or large, I feel it, I see it.


Because there truly is no other way to shower yourself and others with happiness.

Thankful Thought #1: Laughter

Thankful Thought #1: Laughter - My Wedding Day: photos with my beautiful bridesmaids xx

**Thanks to Ali Edwards for her fantastic inspiration xx